Meningococcal B

Meningococcal B is a bacteria that can lead to Invasive Meningitis, potentially causing death or life long disability.

People spread Meningococcal bacteria by sharing respiratory and throat secretions (saliva or spit).  Generally, it takes close contact for example coughing or kissing to spread these bacteria.

It is highly recommended for babies from 8 weeks of age, young children, and healthy adolescents aged 15 – 19 years.

Initial Symptoms can include

  • sudden onset of fever
  • muscle ache
  • rash
  • cold hands
  • headache
  • thirst
  • neck stiffness
  • joint pain
  • photophobia
  • nausea/vomiting
  • altered consciousness


Not all symptoms or signs may be present at disease onset and depending on the type of bacteria, usually appear 3 – 7 days after exposure.

Life long disability can include

  • limb deformity
  • skin scarring
  • deafness
  • neurologic deficits.

Meningococcal B is not currently covered under the WA Government Schedule and is a private vaccine available with a script to purchase from pharmacies.  Once purchased, the vaccine is administered at the surgery by our experienced nurses.  Two to three doses are required for full immunity, depending on age.

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